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The Tiny Balley Company was born from the very sucessful Donna Phelps School of Dancing in 2023.
Donna is proud to be both the owner and ballet teacher at The Tiny Ballet Company (TTBC). Donna’s passion for dancing started when she was just 3 years old, and her enthusiasm for teaching blossomed at the ripe age of 14, where she helped teach pre-school and primary school students alongside her own teacher. Over the years, Donna’s fervour for ballet grew and grew, and she found herself dancing every evening after school.

Donna is a professionally trained ballerina and has danced her way from the West End, including the Drury Lane Theatre in Central London, to smaller local theatres on a regular basis. Donna took part in regular Ballet and Dancing competitions throughout the country and is honoured to have many awards under her belt.

Donna has over 10+ years of Ballet and Tap teaching experience under The International Dance Teachers’ Association.
The highlight of her flourishing career is being able to give her students the ability to be the best dancer they can be by bestowing her professional experience and energy to the children in an encouraging and engaging dance school.

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Miss Sarah The Tiny Ballet Company


miss sarah

We’re super excited to introduce you all to the newest edition to the The Tiny Ballet Company family – Meet Miss Sarah ??
Miss Sarah loves ballet! She is a Qualified Nursery Nurse NNEB and NVQ level 3 with over 20 years child care experience and she’ll be teaching our brand new class in Abridge ?
There are only a few spaces left on this class!!

The Tiny

Ballet Company (TTBC)

TTBC runs award-winning ballet dancing classes for all age groups based in Abridge, Chigwell, Highams Park, Loughton and Theydon Bois, starting with young children from the age of 12 months, right through to adults of all experience levels. Classes are taught in a fun and positive environment to boost each student’s confidence, love for dance and happiness.

Donna’s Ballet classes are the perfect way to introduce your toddlers and children to dancing (and twirling, tip toes and knee bends), listening and co-ordination from an early age, where it will support your little dancer’s early foundational years of physical development, as well as build a solid groundwork of self-discipline and self-expression.

The Tiny and her Ballet Company is proud of its values and cornerstones which underpin the business:

1. Equality and inclusiveness: At The Tiny Ballet Company, all our students are treated equally no matter their level and experience of dance, not their race, religion, or gender. Our dance students are not overshadowed by others, and everyone gets the same attention and care.
2. Honesty and integrity: The Tiny Ballet Company is built on trust and being completely transparent with all our students, partners, and suppliers. We approach all our engagements with a ‘you get what you see’ attitude; there’s no hidden agendas and fees.
3. Family care: At The Tiny Ballet Company, we treat everyone as if they’re a part of our extended family. We thrive on connection, relationships, and mutual respect.
4. Encouragement and persistence: At The Tiny Ballet Company, there’s no such thing as failure and giving up! We offer constant encouragement to all our students and perseverance is key to success. We’re here to support along our students’ journeys to being their best version of themselves, confident and ultimately, fulfilled.

COVID-19 has had a knock-on effect specifically on young children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development, without face-to-face interaction and stimulation. Dance classes are proven to increase endurance and fitness, improve general and psychological wellbeing as well as encourage greater self-confidence, esteem, and motivation. This is a huge emphasis of every class which Donna teaches, no matter your age and experience level.

My daughter Ronnie loves attending the The Tiny School of Ballet. She always comes home with a beaming smile after Donna’s classes and loves her dance teacher and ballet classes very much. Would highly recommend this school.


Teaching alongside Donna is so easy. She encourages all ages to express themselves through movement. Children always leave her classes with more confidence and happiness. I love teaching for her.


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